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Hilarious!!! A girl emotionally texts her mom to prevent her sister from eating her food….

All of you would have gone through this atleast once in your life…Do you keep your favourite snacks in the refrigerator and find it missing? This happens when there is a foodie around in the house. A girl in her Twitter shared a screenshot of a text she sent to her mother to get her deserved slices of pizzas.

Twitter user @Ishaforreals accidentally woke up at 4 am and was worried that her sister would wake up early and eat the three slices of pizzas she kept in the fridge the last night. To stop her sister from taking advantage of the situation, the girl messaged her mom with one eye open.

“Mumma I woke up accidentally abhi. Its 4 in the morning right now. I dont know what time I’m gonna wake up in the morning today but I know that if piyu wakes up before me she will take advantage of the situation.” She went on to tell her mother that there’s a box of fries and 3 pizza slices in the fridge. “Do NOT let piyu eat all of it. Infact before she starts eating, ask her to take my permission. Because like everytime koi meko puchega nai and I’ll wake up to see everything finished and be really really hurt,” she tells her mother.

The girl added an emotional yet hilarious plea, “If you are my mother, if you have ever loved me, if you have lovingly given birth to me, I want you to take care of my mood. Thank you mumma. Goodnight. Writing this with ek aakh open cuz 4am.”

This is how her mother reacted to the message—“Hey bhagwan!”….The fun part is what happened next, the girl’s father ate two slices…

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