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Uses of Aloe vera on face…Explained by Hina Khan…

Skincare is one of the utmost importance for everyone, but most of us tend to ignore that.Recently, Hina Khan who is an actress as well as a trendsetter, shared the importance of rubbing miniature frozen aloe vera cubes on her face after a workout session. She even took to her YouTube channel to share the benefits of aloe vera and how frozen cubes of aloe soothes the skin and makes it shine.

It fights skin issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, lightens blemishes and even fights dandruff for hair. Hina has mentioned before going for a workout, she applies aloe vera as it absorbs in her skin as her pores open while exercising. Some of the best ways is to also keep apply aloe vera gel at night and wash the face in the morning.

Frozen miniature aloe vera ice cubes as they help in blood circulation is the most recommended. The actress has a plant at home where she regularly cutes small pieces from and after cutting out the thorny sides, she chops them into pieces, like the size of an ice cube and puts them in the freezer.

Benefits of frozen aloe vera cubes:

1.      Sunburn: The hot and humid summer cum monsoon season is here and with it, there are days of extreme heat and humidity. When one steps out of the house, although your skin is protected because of sunscreen, it doesn’t help in lowering the temperature of the skin or reducing pore size. Once you’re back home, rubbing cold aloe vera cubes help in soothing the skin from sunburns.

2.      Makeup remover: Frozen aloe vera cube is an effective makeup remover too. However, not for those who have applied oodles of makeup but light traces of foundation and eye makeup can be moved by cold aloe vera cubes.

3.      Clears acne: If you’re someone who is dealing with excessive acne, it is possible that your skin is highly dehydrated too. For an inflamed skin, cold aloe vera cubes soothe it, removing the redness and reduces swelling too. It enables blood circulation that helps in lowering spots on the face.

4.      All types of burns: Not just sunburns, aloe vera cubes soothe all kinds of burns. While cooking if your skin gets burned by hot oil or touching any hot vessel, run cold aloe on the skin and it will instantly give you relief.

5.      Blood circulation: Rubbing cold aloe gives your facial muscles some exercise. It helps in the sudden flush of blood problem and keeping the skin clear.


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