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Monkey Selfie:- Malaysian man finds Selfies taken by monkey after recovering lost phone!!!

Malaysia:- A Malaysian man found monkey selfies and videos on his missing phone a day after retrieving it in the jungle behind his house. The gallery is full of footage of a monkey that appears to be trying to eat the phone – has been widely shared on social media. The phone owner thought his phone had been stolen while he was sleeping. But it remained unclear exactly how the mobile went missing.

“There was no sign of robbery. The only thing on my mind was is it some kind of sorcery,” said the final year computer science student from Batu Pahat in the southern state of Johor. The primate can be seen staring down the camera against a backdrop of bright green leaves and crowing birds. There were also a series of photos of the monkey, trees, and other foliage on the phone He failed to trace his phone until Sunday afternoon when his father noticed a monkey outside their house. On calling his phone again he heard ringing from the jungle a few steps beyond the back garden, he said, then discovered the muddied phone on some leaves beneath a palm tree.

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