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World’s First “Inter-Sex” lullaby ; Kerala Transgender Poet’s Song Goes Viral !!!

Vijayaraja Mallika, a transgender poet, has composed a song for transgender children which is currently going viral on social media. This song is for a change when the question remains as to how much society includes children born with different genders.

Vijayaraja Mallika’s song will fill anyone’s mind. This lullaby is the answer to the question of whether it is the mother or the community that must first accept mixed-sex babies when they are born. Vijayaraja Mallika is saying many things through the song.The song sung by Shini Avantika made waves on social media. The visuals and dance form of the song have already been released. Poet Vijayaraja Mallika says that one can change the public consciousness by creatively presenting a relevant subject.

We have grown up listening to a lot of lullabies starting with Irayimman Thampi’s favorite songs. All the songs heard by Malayalees till now were for male and female. This song is for a new change when clothes, toys and even seats are for men and women.


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