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“Aglio Kim”, AI Robot serves dinner in a South Korean cafe!!! Read more…

Seoul:- “Aglio Kim”, a trolley-like robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI), is delivering food to customers at a restaurant in Seoul, in order to minimize human contact and help ensure social distancing. Customers don’t need a single face-to-face interaction. All they need to do is to click the menu they want on a touchscreen, pay, and wait for a serving robot to bring their takeout bag to the pick-up spot. Customers take photos or stare with curiosity at the capsule-shaped robots, reminiscent of the popular minion’s characters from the animated film “Despicable Me.” The yellow and black accent colors of the No Brand Burger restaurant also give the place the look of a toy shop.

When a customer orders at the kiosk, it is automatically sent to the kitchen. There, an automated cooking machine kicks in and heats the buns and patties. Adding toppings to the cooked ingredients before wrapping them and passing them over to a robot to serve is the only thing the human staff has to do. That’s been seen as a selling point amid the coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions.

Using 3D space mapping and other technology, the robot can freely move through the narrow lanes between tables and avoid obstacles to reach its destination. The robot can serve up to four tablets per trip.




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