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“NO” two wheeler license to women ; Pakistan is still living in stone ages!!!

Karachi:While countries across the globe are working for the rights of women, it seems that Pakistan is still living in stone ages.  Recently, a woman in Karachi asked to “get out” when she approached a government office for getting a two-wheeler license.She was told that they do not issue bike license to women.

The woman, identified as  Ferozepurwalla took Twitter to share the discriminatory experience she had to face at the license office in Karachi. Tagging Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote: “Can a woman not ride a bike in Pakistan? I’m being told by the License Office that they do not issue bike riding licenses to women. They said and I quote: ‘Larkiyo ko bike ka license nahi dete, aap gaari chalaye.’ Why? What kind of rule is this? Please respond.”

Ferozepurwalla left the license office, rejected. Later she called up one of her acquaintances who works in another license office to confirm if what she was told was true. Her friend told her that “they really did not give bike licenses to women.”After Ferozepurwalla revealed the archaic paternalistic attitude of the government office on Twitter, she learned that many women got their bike license only when they pressurized the staff.  She said why are the government officials not doing their jobs and policing women.

Ferozepurwalla, two days after she shared the news on Twitter, updated that Clifton DSP contacted her and called her to the license office. She said, “Finally got my license without any further problems. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me and offered help to solve this issue.”


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