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Beauty And The Beast ; “Blue Pit Viper” Coiling Around a Red Rose ; Video Goes Viral!!!

A video of a rare bright blue snake coiling around a red rose has gone viral on social media. The blue snake is known as the ‘blue pit viper’ and it is a rare species. As per the experts, the blue pit viper is a very aggressive and venomous snake whose venom can cause severe internal and external bleeding.

The video, which is now being widely shared by many netizens, captures such a magnificent creature of nature – a blue snake.The clip shows a blue snake coiled around a blood-red rose and the scene is such that it may evoke a sense of amazement in you.

The video is shared on Twitter with the caption, “The incredibly beautiful Blue Pit Viper,”. And, it genuinely is so.

See the video ;

Since being shared a day ago on September 17, the video has gathered close to 70,000 views, and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also amassed nearly 6,500 likes and more than 2,700 retweets. People had a lot to say about the video.

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