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Ramesh TR raises criticism against Deepa Nishant through his facebook post….See it here!

Former classmate Ramesh TR criticizes Deepa Nishant. This is the first time that great poets like you have been known to label neutrality in Kerala by looking at their social media profiles. Ramesh TR humbly admits in a Facebook post that housewives are going on strike during Pinarayi’s ten-year golden dream rule and that it is only our fault that you, who worship the idol of Bindu Ammini, do not feel so boosted or horlicked.

Read Deepa Nishanth’s FB Post here

DearĀ  classmate Deepa,

When women entered the political arena of Kerala, they did not know that they should come to Kerala Varma and give them ‘Jasiya’! This is the first time that great poets like you have come to know that the label of neutrality in Kerala is given by looking at their profiles on social media.

The housewives who went on strike during Pinarayi’s ten-year golden dream rule humbly admit that it is only our fault that you, who worship the idol of Bindu Ammini, do not feel so boosted.However, Ishya has enjoyed that ideal purity, character purity and symbolic teacher / housewife auditing that reminded her of 916 purity without forgetting gold on the go .. !!

Is there any bigger laugh for the locals than the embarrassing silence of the intellectuals who jump up at noon and say “My moon” ?? Even if they see the sun first hand, people will not laugh even if you still look at your moon rising at noon and say good night, because they know it must have been pointed at somewhere! Would it be wrong for the public to dress like that? That is the tradition

I do not know if my sister remembers, I can not see, then Athira, Shyam, Balagopalan Moti, Sandesh, Praseetha chalakudy, Satheesh, Jebin Joseph and many others worked in various student movements – from 2000 to 2004. It was a time when we were all fighting hard for student rights and freedom of association. It was a time when there were many people who were active in various political movements, leading fierce struggles by beating in the streets.

We did not know that you were complaining about the Constitution, and no one said that you were moving from tree to tree with thrilled love, like a pot of salt that day!

Little did we know that you were defending the Constitution at a time when the canteen was turning into a love swan looking at all of us leading the struggle .. !!When you were swinging in the beautiful Ooty in Kerala Varma, we did not know that you were in a strong fight against the corporate monopolies. !!

When you look out the window at students lining up for demonstrations in the afternoon and see the struggles like a reality show devouring the food brought from home, your mind was on the fight against the petrol price hike and no one knew .. !!No matter, you are not just a boy, we have seen your unrecognized struggles!

Yes, Doctor Athira is a criminal, she worked valiantly in student politics, she was a firebrand in the struggles, she contested elections in Kerala Varma, was a part of the national movement when she was a teacher, led struggles against corruption, drug trafficking and the gold smuggling mafia, everything is an unforgivable crime .. !!

We also understand that the right to it as a whole belongs only to those who, on the whole, write two words on Facebook, five lies, and four words that will not be broken if they bite a little bit of literature.But seeing all this, the public would put their fingers in their noses and say, “If a person grows in the seat of a woman who is not ashamed, it is also a shade for her.”It may be jealousy but it’s gone bad. See a doctor and be treated well. Take off your yellow glasses until you work with them. Still not stretching, praying for a speedy recovery

Own classmate
Ramesh TR


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