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Sharjah police arrests a reckless driver after video of him speeding goes viral….

Sharjah: Sharjah police arrested a motorist who posted a video of him driving recklessly with 200km/h in Khorfakkan.

As per reports, the Eastern Region Police Department arrested the motorist after his video went viral on social media platforms. Police registered a case against the driver for reckless driving and endangering the lives of road users. Police urged motorists to follow traffic rules and adhere speed limits.

Police say people driving at excessive speeds risk losing control of their vehicles, won’t have sufficient time to react to emergency situations and are unable to see near objects clearly, all of which can lead to serious traffic collisions. Sharjah police had earlier said that over-speeding with more than 80kph above the speed limit will add 23 traffic points on the driver’s licence. The vehicle will be impounded for 60 days and a Dh3,000 fine will be imposed.

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