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Sounds from around the Milky Way shared by NASA.. Hear the music..

USA: Scientists have now found a new way to create music from the space between the stars. NASA Marshall on twitter shared a ‘sonifed’ image captured from Chandra Observatory. In a press note, the US Space Agency explained that ‘Sonification’ is the process that translates data into sound, and the recent project brings the centre of Milky Way to listeners for the first time.

The translation begins on the left side of the image and moves to the right, with the sounds representing the position and brightness of the sources. NASA said that the light of the objects located towards the top of the image are heard as higher pitches while the intensity of the light controls the volume. The stars and the compact sources are concerted to individual notes while extended clouds of gas and dust produce an ‘evolving drone’.

NASA said, “Users can listen to data from this region, roughly 400 light-years across. The image reveals different phenomena happening in this region about 26,000 light-years from Earth. X-rays from Chandra reveal gas heated to millions of degrees from stellar explosions and outflows from Sagittarius A”.


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