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‘World’s former heaviest man’ has beaten Covid-19

World’s former heaviest man has won the battle against coronavirus. Juan Pedro Franco, who was once the world’s most heavies man has won the battle against the deadly pandemic.

“It’s a very aggressive disease. I had a headache, body ache, breathing difficulty, a fever. I was a very high-risk person,” Franco told international news agency, AFP.

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Juan Pedro Franco aged 36 from Mexico has once weighed 595 kilos. He got enlisted in Guinness World Records in 2017. After many years dieting, exercise and stomach-reduction surgery he has shed many kilos and now weighs around 208 kilos.

Franco, who lost his 66-year-old mother to Covid-19, believes that his weight loss treatment — including three operations — helped him to survive because his diabetes and hypertension are now under control.

Mexico has the world’s fourth-highest Covid-19 death toll. The country also has the highest obesity rate on the earth among children and the second-highest among adults.


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