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Adorable!!! Little girl writes a letter to dad requesting to put her brother in jail forever….

Gujarat: Having fights with siblings is nothing unusual. No matter how old you are, you always reach out to your parents to get solution.

A girl’s letter to her dad complaining about how her elder brother troubles her and requesting to put him in jail “forever” has gone viral on Twitter. Twitter user Krish Parmar shared a photo of the letter his younger sister wrote to their dad during childhood. “This is what my younger sister wrote to my dad,” he wrote.

“Respected Papa… Please put Krish Parmar in the jail forever as he is hitting me for no reason. He jumps on me and says¬†mari nakhis hu tane¬†(which means “I will kill you” in Gujarati). Please do [this] as soon as you can,” the letter read.

Take a look:


The adorable letter has gone viral on the twitter platform. While many viewers were reminded of similar letters they wrote to their parents, others wanted Papa to give Anaya solution. One user said, “Dare you touch her again, Krish Parmar.” Another wrote, “Really love that she followed a format in the letter. love her.”


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