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“Free coffee to combat the virus” ; Man opens up a coffee shop through kitchen window, See Pics!!!

This is a gift and all it will cost is a smile.

Australian man Rick Everett has opened up a cute little place outside his kitchen window from where he offers ‘free coffee’ over which people can have conversations as well.

Everett ,an acrobat by profession does not run a café otherwise. Due to the dangerous spread of the pandemic , he had lost his job in March. With some culinary skills such as baking, cooking, and managing a coffee shop, he decided that he could use his free time to help the others in need.

Outside his kitchen window, he set up a small table and it was decorated with little accessories around. It was nothing short of an aesthetically pleasing eatery where all we do is click photos and enjoy its delicacies.The window had a board on it which said, “Free coffee to combat the virus.” Another signboard talked about what this little effort was and the purpose behind it, “This is my free coffee window project. It is in no way a commercial enterprise and I am not trying to operate a café. Think of it as jumping over to your mates’ house for a coffee, only it is a friend you have not met. This is a gift and all it will cost is a smile.”

Apart from this, he wanted to get to know his neighbors in this way. The menu offered cappuccino, latte, tea, chai latte, and many such beverages, along with some baked items. Some customers also brought him food and beverages such as cake, a six-pack of beer, etc.He also makes sure that the conversations are always positive so that a friendly environment is maintained with a happy distraction.

Moreover, Everett has received a positive response to this little initiative. “What’s even more beautiful is that people ring my coffee bell just to talk. They don’t even want a coffee! They don’t want to take anything from me, but they’re most happy to have a conversation with me,” he told.


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