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World Record Tree Hug’:- US woman has broken the Guinness World Record …

Everybody is familiar with the ‘Chipko Movement’ which was started by a bunch of women to stop the deforestation process which would bring about industries in their midst. Long also did this for a similar purpose. The proceeds from this event will go towards the Chattanooga Audubon Society. It is a non-profit environmental organization that strives towards the conservation of birds and their habitat. Similarly here a woman named Adrienne Long has broken the Guinness World Record for hugging a tree for over 10 hours.


The event took place in a town called Chattanooga which is situated in the Tennessee state of USA. She had her arms wrapped around a walnut tree which was situated in the town’s Heritage Park. Long stood hugging the tree for 10 hours and 5 minutes. The earlier record was that of 8 hours 15 minutes, hence easily managing the break the record. The record-breaking moment took place in front of a lot of people. A full-fledged event was organized by Adrienne Long’s friend Sarah Medley, who owns a salon and spa in the town. In it, Medley organized activities which included yoga, dancing, guided meditation, etc, while Long tried to break the record. A digital watch board was also put to time the tree-hugging. The live event was recorded by a Facebook page which was appropriately called ‘World Record Tree Hug.’


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