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“Fossilised Leaves From Jurassic Period Discovered” ; 150-200 million years outdated !!!

Jharkhand ; Geologists have discovered fossilised leaves, estimated to be round 150-200 million years outdated, in Jharkhand Sahibganj district. A few 20 cm by 5 cm fossilised leaves of genus Ptilophyllum have been present in Dudhkol mountain and additional excavation is underway, lead geologist assistant professor Ranjit Kumar Singh,  Sahibganj PG College mentioned.

The excavation is being conducted in association with National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow under a project of the Department of Science and Technology of the Union government. “Such leaves were consumed by herbivorous dinosaurs.Smaller fossils from Upper Jurassic to Cretaceous period were earlier found in the region. We might even find fossilised dinosaur eggs during further excavation,” Singh advised .


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