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Are you tired of cleaning your water bottles? Your problem will be soon solved by a US-based company!!! Know about it

We’ve all been through the hassle of contorting our hands into unnatural shapes just to clean the inside of our water bottles. It’s nearly impossible to reach beyond the small mouthpiece and into the depths of the base or under the neck. As a result, your water bottle is left half clean and susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and viruses. These unwelcome microbes can end up being one of the causes for nasty smells coming from your bottle. If only there was a water bottle that was capable of self-cleaning and self-purifying your drinking water, so you didn’t have to. Well, you’re in luck. The LarQ water bottle ($95) keeps the inside of your water bottle clean and purifies your drinking water in 60 seconds with UV-C technology – the same sanitizing technology used in hospitals.

LARQ a US-based company is now providing access to clean water globally through sustainable products that lower dependency on single-use plastic. LARQ has sparked a lot of interest among consumers looking for ways to wean themselves off plastic bottles. Last year alone, the Bay Area-based startup managed to sell 75,000 bottles, with the help of retail partners like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. The firm is made more impressive by the fact that at $ 99 the company’s offerings are quite high when it comes to refillable water bottles. LARQ’s value proposition is within its UV limit. As someone who has carried around a lot of reusable water bottles for a long time. Thorough washing can be particularly difficult with such a narrow container. The company’s products have also garnered investment interest. Today the company announced a $ 10 million. “At LARQ, we are ushering in a new era of hydration that is better for you and better for the planet,” CEO Justin Wang said in a statement offered to ProWellTech. “We use consumer-centric product design combined with cutting-edge technology to make it easier to opt for a healthier and more sustainable choice anywhere, anytime. To realize this vision, LARQ must satisfy the consumer on every hydration occasion, from the bottle on the go to the home tap and everything in between. “


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