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Kim Jong-un’s “Gippeumjo” Pleasure Squad ;N Korea’s Virgin Schoolgirls Are “FORCEFULLY RECRUITED” To ‘Entertain’ Rulers !!!

Approximately 2,000 girls are maintained by the North Korean Leader for the purpose of providing sexual pleasure

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un recruits young women for his ‘pleasure squad’, called Gippeumjo. The group of young, attractive girls and women are at the provision of the North Korean dictator. It consists of approximately 2,000 women and girls that are maintained by the leader of North Korea for the purpose of providing pleasure, mostly of a sexual nature, and entertainment for high-ranking Workers’ Party of Korea officials and their families, as well as occasionally distinguished guests.

According to a report, a bizarre tradition has been going on in North Korea for generations. The tradition is that the elites of the country form a group of young girls who serve them for years. These girls form a part of the group that is typically known as ‘Gippeumjo’, meaning the Pleasure Squad. North’s supremo Kim Jong-un’s ‘pleasure squad’ comprises of ‘virgin’ school girls as young as 13. These girls are randomly chosen and picked up by soldiers, sometimes from their classrooms, and are then forced to serve the elite.

The Gippeumjo was established in 1978, during the administration of Kim Il-sung. He was inspired to start a movement called ‘Gippeumjo’, believing that energy, youth, and longevity can be maintained by constantly interacting with beautiful women. Later, his son Kim Jong Un continued his father’s tradition as a series. In the meantime, the group was allowed to rest only during the three-year mourning period that followed Kim Jong Il’s death in 2011.

In 2016, Kim Jong Un spent 2. 2.7 million just to buy luxury underwear for the beauties of his Gippeumjo Brigade. Kim Jong Un has a special ‘ManjokJo’ special team that is especially good at serving. They are the ones who give their special service only to the Supreme Leader. No one else in the country is allowed to accept their services. Moreover, young women who are the ‘manjokjo’ of the Supreme Leader should not have other boyfriends. The management of ‘Manjokjo’ confirms that the Supreme Leader does not get any sexual diseases from them by conducting accurate health checks under strict security surveillance.

The selection process;-

When these girls are picked up, they are made to undergo strict virginity tests that are aimed at checking if their hymen is intact. Only the girls who pass virginity tests are selected for the pleasure squad. Even after having proved their virginity, the girls have to meet certain criteria to fit in the squad. The criteria included choosing girls who are under 165 cm tall, free of blemishes, scars, pretty, and the ones with a sweet and feminine voice. But being a virgin is most important.

Separation from families

After having met all the conditions, the families of the girls are told that they were being selected for ‘important government projects.’The girls in the squad are not permitted from seeing or talking to their families. The revelations have been made by a number of defectors who managed to escape from the group.

Inside the pleasure squad

The squad consists of nearly 2000 Korean virgin girls and is divided into three groups. The first group is for sexual services, while the second one is for giving massages to elite people and the third one is for live singing as well as dancing to entertain the elite. The live singing and the dancing group also consists of semi-nude women, depending on the preferences of the viewers.

Untold Tales

A former member of the squad who escaped and fled to South Korea in 2010 said that she was picked up from her classroom when she was 15 years old. She was then asked if she ever had sex with a boy. Although she was not forced into sex, she claimed that she had to spend most of her life servicing Kim Jong-il, the former North Korean supremo. Another defector revealed a weird game that was played at sex parties of the elites in which the losers were asked to take off their clothes one by one – be it a woman or a man. In another game, if the men were losers, their heads were shaved as a punishment and if the women turned out to be losers, their pubic hair would be shaved.


The ‘Gippeumjo’ Squad is North Korea’s highest-paid group, with members required to retire at the age of 22-24. In North Korea, it is customary for some of these retirees to be married to some of the above-mentioned elites. Many of these ‘Gippeumjo’ members also receive military training, and some are given personal bodyguard duties after retirement.


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