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“Talent is different”; R Madhavan walks down the memory lane on the stereotypes he faced!!!

R Madhavan started his career as an actor in Hindi Television shows. Madhavan broke the shackles and did his first big hit in Tamil movies followed by a successful stint in Hindi cinema as well. As he gears up for the release of his film Nishabdham on Amazon Prime, Madhavan when he started off with Television shows.

“Strangely, when I was doing TV in Hindi, people told me I am a television actor and I will never do movies as I am already overexposed on Hindi TV so you won’t get movies, then Mani Ratnam cast me in Alai Payuthey and it became a big hit and so I became. Tamil actor and then people in Bombay said ‘you know, you are a Tamil actor, that’s it. You won’t get Hindi films.’ Then I started getting Hindi films so they said ‘okay, he is a pan Indian actor but you know, you are limited’. I feel everybody tries to put you in a mold which perhaps life put them in, they have faced these challenges but everybody’s level to understand languages, deal with pressures, and most importantly, talent is different.”

His debut movie Alai Payuthey

“For me, even though I did not consciously try, honestly, sometimes I wouldn’t even know that this is a challenge. I never realized that whatever is happening with me is perhaps not right. I feel I am God’s own child ya, I never fortunately been a place where I did not have to go-to producers to ask for work. It is not because I never wanted to go and ask for work, honestly, it is not because I was shy or did not like to go to producers but it was because I was so different from the industry, I did not know how to behave, I did not know you need to go to producers and ask for work, be sweet to them and all. God never let me get into that situation.”



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