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Daredevil ‘Spiderman’ fined for climbing Frankfurt Skyscraper…

French climber Alain Robert faces a criminal charge and fine after climbing one of Frankfurt’s tallest buildings.

Robert, also known as Spiderman for his daring stunts, climbed to the top of rail company Deutsche Bahn, 545-foot-high office building in Germany’s financial capital, wearing a silver suit and cowboy boots. Frankfurt police told that Robert is in triple trouble after the unauthorized climb.

First, Deutsche Bahn has filed a criminal complaint for trespassing against Robert. Second, he may be required to pay the cost of the police operation to secure the area during the climb. Finally, a drone that Robert’s team used to film the climb didn’t have the required authorization and could cause a further fine.

This is not the first instance of a man called as “Spiderman” for his ability to scale walls. Earlier in May, a video of a man climbing a high fort wall in Karnataka without any equipment and protection has left the internet in shock. The man was Jyoti Raju. As per reports, he is a self-taught rock climber and aims to scale the Angel Falls in Venezuela some day. The Angel Falls is among the highest waterfalls in the world at a height of around 980 metres.


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