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New ‘Guinness World Record’, for stacking toilet paper rolls on head….

The COVID-19 pandemic had caused people to come up with unique ideas to create Guinness World Record. Now a British man has created history after he balanced a stack of 46 toilet paper rolls on his head for 10 seconds.

Jay Rawlings from England posted a video of himself balancing a stack of 46 toilet rolls on his face as a part of Guinness World Record weekly challenge. Rawlings had shared the video with a caption that read, ” Soooo I may have kept practising with the toilet rolls and it may have got a little out of hand… I managed 46 balanced at the same time!!!


One user commented how the paper rolls were glued together, which made it easier for Rawling to accomplish the task. To this, Rawling replied, “It is all genuine and even if you tried to glue it together, the paper would not be strong enough to hold it.” He even shared a video with another angle of the stacking process which he followed for the challenge.


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