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A new type of Biryani is going viral…Watch video!!!

Pictures of people queuing for biryani from 6am recently went viral. It was a view from a restaurant in Bengaluru. It was a video that filled the minds of all biryani lovers. But now going viral on social media is a biryani combination that is unimaginable.

Biryani and chocolate biryani prepared in noodle flavor did not go viral. Rasgula Biryani has now come to the forefront. A food blogger shared a video of this bizarre biryani combination on Instagram. The video shows Rasagula on biryani rice. Seeing this, many people came on the scene to criticize the combination. Some say that rasagula and biryani are delicious to eat on their own and that they should have been combined to kill the taste. Critics say that adding rasagula to rice is not a biryani but a rasagula pulao and does not touch the feeling of biryani.

But there are those who have commented in support of the new taste. This biryani is different in appearance itself, they comment that it is a must try and an innovative idea. The chicken biryani video recently shared on a South African food website also drew a lot of criticism. It was a video of him making biryani with chicken, rice, nuts, potatoes and tomatoes. The website also withdrew the video amid criticism from biryani lovers.

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