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Account of leading news channel suspended by Twitter

The account of a leading new channel was suspended by the micro-blogging website, Twitter. The twitter account of Al Masirah TV has been suspended by Twitter. Twitter suspended the account on Wednesday. Twitter has not yet revelaed why it had suspended the account of the channel.

Al Masirah TV, is run by Houthi rebels of Yemen backed by Iran. “Twitter took steps to suspend the accounts of Al Masirah without giving reasons”, informed Al Masirah TV on their Telegram page.

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The account of Al Masirah TV now shows a message that  “Account suspended” for violating the rules of the social media platform, with no posts visible. But the Twitter accounts of Houthi  leaders are still active.

The Houthi  rebels backed by Iran has been fighting  against Yemen. They had  w ousted the internationally-recognized government of Yemen from power in the capital Sanaa in late 2014. Later a coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia has intervened  in March 2015. Houthi’s constantly attack Saudi with drones and missiles. The conflict has created one of the  world’s worst humanitarian crisis.


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