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‘I didn’t steal the yogurt’…Netizens side with Sunday…

“Anyone knows a good lawyer?”. “I don’t know who helped themselves to the yogurt on the counter”. Then it shows the doggo looking straight ahead with the text, “But it wasn’t me!” appearing on the screen.

The video a whole lot funnier when there is some yogurt on in the four-pawed furry creature’s mouth, giving her away. Some couldn’t stop commenting about the doggo’s antics, others simply shared that the video made them LOL. However, most agreed that Sunday couldn’t have done it.

“I wouldn’t care if she ate my entire yoghurt supply, I would never be mad at her,” wrote an Instagram user. “I think it was an outsider not you. Definitely not you!” wrote another supporter. “That’s the face of innocence,” said a third. “You’ve been framed,” joked a fourth.

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