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Lets go through some of the bizzare foods of 2020 that has gone viral…

Nothing can sort your mood like food. But on the contrary, if it’s terrible, like Gulab Jamun Pav or Dal Makhani Cappuccino, you are pretty much aware of the result. The internet, now and then, ends up discovering bizarre food combinations. In 2019, social media invented Sweet Maggi with rose petals and milk, milkshake loaded with Kurkure and also, Choco Cherry Dosa.

2020, for that matter, is no less. Friday began with a viral tweet of a man, who reimagined the concept of tea and paratha and instead, replaced it with masala chai ice cream and sugar laced paratha. Well, internet was divided over the post and while several were willing to try, others despised it.

Not just masala chai ice cream, but several other bizarre food combinations also made headlines in 2020.

1.Chocolate Samosa Pav:


2.Chocolate Coated Fried Chicken:


3.Red Sauce Pasta Dosa:



4.Chicken Tikka and Chai:

Hey, Guys! When I posted the tea & idli video, u/wromit suggested that I should try "tandoori leg" with tea. I couldn’t find a leg piece, but I found what they call "Tikka." At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but after I tried it, I’m really digging the flavor. The after-taste was decent. from india


5.Kiwi Pizza:


6.Ice Cream Vada Pav:


7.Roshogolla Biryani:

Rosogolla r Biriyani !!!It sounds unbelievable ? But I just had the ' Angoori Rosogolla Biriyani ' along with Hara Bhara Kebab , Aloo Chaap and Dahi ka Chutney ( along with Raita and vinegar soaked Peyaaz ) and Firni . The combo seemed very interesting and is a part of the delivery menu called ' Biriyani Bahaar ' by Aaheli Xpress . Priced at Rs 799/- thus serves for 2 people . There is also Biriyani for Vegans and for the ' Maach loving Bangalis there is Katla Biriyani and also the Mutton Biriyani Combo .

Posted by Madly FOOD Lover – MFL on Saturday, October 3, 2020

8.Masala Chai Ice Cream and Sugar Laced Paratha:

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