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Mother tries to sell one-week-old daughter on black market to buy pair of shoes

In a shocking incident, a mother has tired to sell her one-week-old daughter to buy a pair of new shoes. The incident took place in Russia. Police had arrested the lady in a sting operation.

Luiza Gadzhieva aged 25 had given an advertisement that she is seeking adoptive parents for her daughter in return of  £3,000. She even discussed the idea with her sister. She planned buy a new pair of boots  once she sold the baby.

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The Russian police had posed as buyers. And asked her to handover the kid in a city centre coffee shop. She was caught  after accepting £3,000 for the child . The woman has been detained in Moscow .

Before her arrest, an anti-slavery group called Alternativa tried to persuade her to not sell the baby.

“We tried in every possible way to explain to her that bad, dangerous conditions awaited the child. We warned that the baby would be handed over to gypsies, but she was little interested in what would happen [to her daughter],” the group representatives said.












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