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The hamster that has gone missing has an unexpected twist in its story…..Know more!!!

A story of a missing pet hamster has left netizens laughing out loud. Hamish, the hamster went missing and someone put up a poster looking for him. A few weeks later, a second poster appeared saying the male hamster was found under the fridge and not outside, and was just enjoying some ‘Hamish time’.

Soon after this, passersby were surprised to see a third poster claiming that not only did Hamish reappear, but along with four hamster babies. The owners claimed their male hamster took a three week vacation before he was found under the fridge. Their female hamster named Petunia fell pregnant and birthed a litter that “look remarkably like you”. With pictures of the baby hamsters, they asked Hamish to “take responsibility” if he was indeed the father.

With over 3.4 lakh likes and 82,000 retweets, the story of Hamish written in a tongue-in-cheek manner has people on Twitter hooked.


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