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” Age is just a number”; Here are five instances where the elderly community proved it!!! [Watch]

One does not need to be of a certain age or belonging to a certain community to have fun or learn something new. We should all live our life to the very fullest, without worrying that our age will catch up to us. They are inspiring us to live in the moment and not ponder over the future and what it has in store for us. Here are five instances where the elderly community has given us youngsters the run for our money in terms of energy and enthusiasm.

Skipping Sikh

Rajinder Singh is a 73-year-old man who is an Indian-origin man who lives in London. During the COVID-19 lockdown that had taken place during the lockdown, Singh had posted videos of him taking part in fitness activities, especially skipping.

Shanta Pawar

A Pune-based octogenarian woman named Shanta Pawar became an overnight sensation on the internet, which she was seen showing impeccable martial arts skills with the help of lathis.

Asha Ambade

A video of a woman, Asha Ambade, had gone viral where she was seen climbing the steep steps effortlessly with people at the fort’s doorstep. As soon as she reached the top, people applauded her and were in awe of her agility and stamina.

Jedi Kingpin

A lovely video of an elderly man gets the perfect score while playing in the bowling is a sensation on the internet recently. At first, he is seen moving slowly with the heavy ball in his hand. At first, it went slightly towards the side but then it steered perfectly towards the pins and hit them all out!

Ravi Bala Sharma

A 62-year-old classically trained dancer named Ravi Bala Sharma’s dance on Diljit Dosanjh’s song G.O.A.T. The Punjabi singer posted the video on his Instagram and it was an instant hit.


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