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“How These Minor Sisters Got A Country To Ban Plastic Bags” ; Read More…

Plastic bags make up the largest majority of the waste. And it’s getting worse. When we think about Bali, you think tropical paradise. But there’s one thing standing in the way that’s making Bali far from idyllic,trash. Those iconic beaches tourists from all over the world flock to are now littered in mass heaps of rubbish.

On this beautiful island, there are 2 young sisters whose story is as inspiring as of Greta’s. These two sisters were Melati who was 12 years old and her sister Isabel was 10 years old when they raised their voice against the use of Plastic bags. At this age, they went to school like you and me, but unlike us, they cared a lot about Plastic.

They saw that plastics can cause big problems. Every plastic item which we throw in our environment stays there for 500 years as it doesn’t decompose, but it only takes one minute to use them. These items don’t resolve in our environment, rather it piles up more and more, and everywhere.

First of all, they stopped using plastic bags and soon they stopped eating food. These two sisters were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s peaceful hunger strikes which led them to do it. In 2014, these young sisters went on a hunger strike, not for their personal needs, but our own environment. They did various campaigns which included cleaning up plastic bags from the surrounding. They started raising awareness against the use of plastic. Later, they inspired their friends who would soon follow in their footsteps.

Who would even think about the environment as you were a kid right? Neither did I. But there is more to their story. One day, the Governor of Bali visited them impressed by their story. And surprisingly, he was soo convinced by their actions that in 2019, changed the law. So now Bali is a plastic bag free island. And now, all over the bail if not in every restaurant they use plastic bags. As a result, they saved millions of plastics going into our ocean. Young people are just 25% of the population, but they are 100% of our future.


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