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Seeing me my mother said, “You look just like your father!!!”

Suraj Venjaramoodu talks about Bhaskarapothuvale in ‘Android Kunjappan version 5.25’  and Eldo in ‘Vikrithi’ movie, which helped him win the State Government’s Best Actor award…

How did you become a part of ‘Android Kunjappan’:

When I went to Canada to attend an awards ceremony a year ago, I first heard the story of the Android Kunjappan. I was not part of that movie then. During the awards ceremony, director Mahesh Narayanan spoke about a film he was going to make. This is the first time I have heard of Android Kunjappan from Mahesh.
I had no role in it, but the story stuck in my mind. Months later, producer Santosh T Kuruvila’s call and had invited me to Android Kunjappan saying that if Suraj is acting, I will make this movie. It was a moment when I was amazed to find the role I wanted in his mind.

About the old character Bhaskarapothuval in the movie:

I never had to sit for a character’s make-up for so long during my acting career. Bhaskara sat in front of the make-up artist from morning till night to confirm the shape of the common look. Hair removal, rejuvenation and coloring continued. When I finished my make-up and went in front of the mirror, I looked like my dead father. The form of Bhaskarapothuval gave a great feel, power and the energy to portray the character. Before the filming started, I made a video call to Chechi and asking her to give the phone to her mother. Seeing me my mother said that I look exactly like my father…

Shooting of Android Kunjappan:

The climax of Android Kunjappan was shot in Kannur Kannavam forest. It was a big challenge to shoot in a forest full of poisonous snakes. Director Ratheesh was cruel to me .. (Laughter). The baby snakes crawled to their feet, where the scenes between me and the robot were filmed. Android Kunjappan is a humorous film about how the leaps and bounds of technology are affecting the life of a countryman. But there was a team on the line that prepared things in an orderly manner. The time when robots wake us up by saying good morning is not far off. The robot restaurant was set up in Kannur while the film was being shot there. What would it be like if robot came from a normal family, and what would be the reaction of the natives … The story goes through a lot of interesting moments.

Eldo in ‘Vikrithi’ and Varghese in ‘Finals’ were paying more attention to the choice of master characters:

Eldo in ‘Vikrithi’ and Varghese Master in ‘Finals’ are characters that have recently won audience acclaim. It’s a great privilege for an actor to play different roles.
Vikrithi is the story of a man who was humiliated by the misuse of social media. The victim of the cruel joke that viralized the Malayalee by liking and sharing. He was presenting a true story honestly without exaggeration.

Is Suraj getting serious lately …

This question has been constantly asked by the audience in recent times. This question arises because of the persistence of serious characters. The award-winning film was not seen by many. Therefore, many people were wondering if they could give better roles or act, but the character in the action hero answered such doubts. When it comes to acting potential roles they can’t be left out, which doesn’t mean comedy roles are abandoned.


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