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To replace captive animals at theme parks robot dolphins will be introduced…

“When I first saw the dolphin, I thought it could be real,” said a woman who swam with the remote-controlled creature. A US engineering company, Edge Innovations, designed the dolphin, which starts at $3 million to $5 million.

Instead of keeping wild animals in captivity, it hopes that life-like robots used in Hollywood movies could one day used to entertain crowds at theme parks. Swimmers could dive with robotic great white sharks or even reptiles which once excited Jurrasic park series.

“There are like 3,000 dolphins currently in captivity being used to generate several billions of dollars just for dolphin experiences. And so there’s obviously an appetite to love and learn about dolphins,” said the company. “And so we want to use that appetite and offer kind of different ways to fall in love with the dolphin.”


The company also made the aquatic creatures used in Hollywood blockbusters “Free Willy,” “Deep Blue Sea” and “Anaconda.” “The idea of this pilot is really to create a kind of “Sesame Street” under water”. “Those characters taught a generation how to feel about different kinds of aspects of humankind in ways that had never been imagined before. And that’s what we dream of with this project.”


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