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‘All deer’s aren’t Bambi’, Wild deer attacks woman who tries to take selfie…

A wild deer attacked a young woman in the Richmond Park after she tried to get close enough for a selfie. The foolish woman dressed in a blue dress with flowers in her hair – risked injury when she posed next to one of the animals for a picture.

The deer attacked her, pushing her from behind, putting its two front hooves on her lower back. Royal Parks Police warned that deer are not all cute like Disney fawn character Bambi and can injure you. Police warned the public to stay at least 50 metres away from the deer in Richmond Park.

It is currently the breeding season for deer and people are warned to stay 50m away as stags are flooded with testosterone and adrenaline during this time and lock horns to compete for a mate.  Autumn is the breeding season for the 1000 free-roaming deer that live in the Royal Parks of Richmond-upon-Thames.

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