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Italian woman jailed after drugging her co-worker’s coffee…

An Italian woman who drugged her colleague’s coffee for nine months in the hope that she would be promoted has been jailed for four years. Mariangela Cerrato, 53, came up with the plan when she heard rumors about job cuts at the insurance company she worked for in Piedmont.

She and her victim worked in similar roles. Cerrato put benzodiazepine powder into her co-worker’s cappuccino when doing the daily coffee run for her team. “The drug induces fatigue, headaches, dizziness and muscular pain and my client’s work rate slowed after she drank the cappuccino,”  the lawyer for the female victim said.

The victim realized something was wrong when she drove into a tree on her way home from work. When doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her, she started to suspect her coffee was to blame as her health was fine when she wasn’t at work.

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