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Wear Something Gaudy Day 2020:- Take a look at some weird fashion trends..

Wear Something Gaudy Day is a day when you have to wear something bright and flashy and crazy that you won’t wear on a regular day. Basically, today is the day when you can show off that neon pink shirt that you couldn’t stop yourself from buying. Wondering what you should pair it up with? How about neon green pants? Or maybe that rainbow-colored neckpiece that emptied your pocket? This colorful day is believed to have been introduced by a character named Larry Dallas from the 1970’s hit TV comedy show ‘Three’s Company’.

This Wear Something Gaudy Day, here are some weird fashion trends that will make you go crazy:

  1. Jeans with clear knee patches


2. Taxidermied baby alligator handbag


3. ?heckered jumpsuit


4. Meat knee jeans


5. Double jeans


6. Oversized boyfriend shirt


7. Multicolored boots



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