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Have left over coffee? Don’t waste it, Let’s use it for skin…

How about drinking a glass of coffee when you are not feeling good. Doesn’t it feel good? Coffee is also described as a wonder drink. Coffee is not only good for fatigue but also for glowing skin. The antioxidants in coffee help maintain the radiance of the skin.

The free radicals in it keep the skin cells energized and reduce the formation of dead cells. It is good to make coffee habit to keep the skin soft and prevent dehydration by accelerating the growth of collagen in the skin. Coffee increases blood flow. It is also good for skin rashes. Thus coffee can be used in many ways for skin care.

1. Face scrub: Mix coffee, brown sugar and olive oil. It can be applied on the face and massaged. This scrub can be used to remove pimples and dead cells on the face.

2. Scalp Exfoliator: Coffee is a good exfoliator to remove dandruff and dead cells in the scalp. Oatmeal chilled plain coffee can be applied to damp hair and scalp. After three minutes, rinse with normal shampoo and conditioner.

3. Body scrub: Coffee scrub can be used to remove skin wrinkles and cellulite. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and sugar to the coffee and mix well. Apply this mixture on the cellulite affected area and massage.

4. Skin Brightener: You can try coffee masks to enhance the color of the skin. Add four to five teaspoons of milk to a cup of coffee. It can be applied on the face and rinsed off with lukewarm water after ten to fifteen minutes.

5. Ice mask: You can try a coffee pack to reduce inflammation in the eyelids. Strain a cup of coffee. The remaining coffee powder can be left to cool. It can be wrapped in a clean cotton cloth and placed over the eyes. Or you can put coffee ice cubes like this.

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