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“News Anchor” Deported From Gulf Country For Violating Public Morality!!!

Kuwait takes strict action against news anchor for violating public norms. Authorities have exiled a Lebanese television and radio presenter, Sazdel. The action is over video clips which she posted that violate public decency. The Kuwaiti authorities have booked a ticket on a Kuwait Airways flight bound for Beirut, to deport the Lebanese broadcaster “Sazdel”, similar to Kim Kardashian, due to bold publications and offensive to public morals.

Sazdel, who have been working in Kuwait for 10 years, posted pictures on social media, including Snapchat, which caused a great deal of controversy. Later, the Ethics Investigation Department under the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior took stern action. She was deported after she had recently published her pictures and videos on social media, which, according to the report, is offensive to public morals.

Sazdel posted a video on the international photo-sharing site, “Instagram”, in which she appeared dancing and swaying dramatically in the kitchen. Sazdel turned her page on “Instagram” into promotions for bold clothes only, which she boldly showed on her body, and closed the comments feature in some of them in expectation of any crime. Sazdel had flared controversy when she performed the egg freezing process in a private hospital in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and published photos before the operation on her personal page on the “Instagram” site.

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