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Want bright glowing skin? do these three things in the morning….

Expensive creams or treatments for skin care are often not needed. Try to eat good nutritious food and drink plenty of fresh water and also try some natural powders. Just do these three things when you wake up in the morning and your skin will glow.

1. Wash your face with cold water
You can wash your face with cold water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Cold water helps to remove the oil that has accumulated on the skin at night. It also rejuvenates the skin. Wash your face without using soap or face wash.

2. Multanimity facepack
Multani Mitti is an important ingredient in many skin care products. After applying Multanimitti on the face for five to ten minutes in the morning, wash off with cold water. This will help to remove dirt from the skin and soften the skin. Multanimitti is also good for preventing dehydration and brightening the skin.

3. Glycerin
Plenty of glycerin is enough to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Mix glycerin in a little rose water or lemon juice. It can be stored in a small bottle in the fridge. You can apply this glycerin mixture on your face after washing your face daily after applying Multanimitti Facepack. It is also good for removing acne and other blemishes.

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