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‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year award’ won for picture of fireflies…

‘Lights of Passion’ is the caption of the most acclaimed picture in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 competition. Aishwarya Sreedhar 23 year old girl is behind this picture.

Aishwarya took a picture of a tree shining at night in the twinkling light. Along with this you can see the bright stars in the beautiful sky. She may have seen the light to her goal as she took that photo. Aishwarya is the first Indian woman to receive such an award. Aishwarya is a role model for many girls who have to give up their dreams before spreading their wings. In a society where people are told not to go out at night, she uses her camera to capture the beauty of the night.

‘During a two-hour hike, she discovered a tree that looked like thousands of sparks of gold dust. She captured 27 images in 24 seconds of exposure and put them together using software to highlight the beauty of the scene. ‘ Aishwarya’s picture was posted on the website of the National History Museum where the competition was held. ‘My big dream has come true.’ Aishwarya told the Mumbai Mirror. ‘I took pictures of the minnows when I went on a trek last year.’ But Aishwarya had no plans to send it to the competition.

Aishwarya hails from Panvel and has been interested in photography since childhood. Aishwarya also won the Sanctuary Asia Young Naturalist Award at the age of fourteen. At a young age, Aishwarya won the Princess Diana Award for children who strive to make a difference in society.

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