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Massive python coils around woman’s leg who rescues it….Watch!!!

A woman who attempted to rescue a carpet python from under her car, needed to be rescued herself by emergency services as the reptile coiled itself tightly around her leg. Two Queensland Police officers found the snake was 2-3 metres long.

One of the officers who responded to the call shot a video that showed the snaked coiled around the woman’s leg. “How you going? You’re in a bit of a pickle. Are you feeling okay, first of all? You’re patting a snake,” the officer says.

Watch the video here:

Snake hug

On a *scale* of no worries to HELL NO, which would you be in this sssscenario? ?

Posted by Queensland Police Service on Thursday, October 15, 2020

The woman takes hold of the snake’s head as the other officer slowly uncoils the tail off the leg. The woman is heard saying that she tried to get the reptile off herself. “If I had a friend over or someone, I, we could’ve sorted it,” the woman says.

A few minutes later, the officer manages to unwind the snake completely off the woman’s leg. The woman then picks the reptile up and walks across the driveway. The woman is seen putting the python back into the grass beside her driveway.

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