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‘Everybody dies!’: Maskless woman coughs on passenger…

A video shows a very angry woman creating a scene and coughing at passengers while being escorted out of a plane for refusing to wear a face mask. The Scottish woman is seen being kicked off an easyJet aeroplane which was travelling from Belfast to Edinburgh, after she refused to put on the mask.

She then yells at random passengers, “Everybody dies, you know that? Every f****** body dies. If it’s corona or not, everybody dies.” Then she proceeds to storm down the aisle of the plane, pausing to purposely cough on unsuspecting passengers who haven’t even acknowledged her.


Before she is finally at the door, she turns to the passengers and yells, “Everybody dies that’s the only thing that’s real.” “The EasyJet staff were really good at handling it,” the man told. “They accommodated her when she asked for a row of seat to herself, then they politely asked her to wear a mask. She just started shouting.”


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