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Heartwarming birthday gift for mother by daughter…Read more…

Passing high school and college is no big deal right now. But that was not the case in the past, especially for women. The society of that time did not consider any particular benefit of giving higher education to women. Eileen Delaney, a 93-year-old Virginia native, was also a survivor at the time. She left high school unable to complete her studies. But on her 93rd birthday, Eileen earned her high school diploma again, from the same school where she graduated 75 years ago.

Eileen dropped out of Port Richmond High School in New York 75 years ago, halfway through her studies. Eileen had to return to work full time to support her family. Eileen’s mother died when she was 12 years old. Eileen’s father remarried when her grandmother was fourteen. With that, they have to look after their own affairs. Eileen also had to take care of the family at the insistence of her stepmother. She dropped out of school and looked for a job at a New York telecom company. However, Eileen never lost touch with her classmates at school.

Eileen’s daughter Maureen decided to celebrate her mother’s birthday. At her daughter’s request, Eileen’s friends and relatives sent her hundreds of greeting cards. This includes their six children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Eventually the postman even asked who was sending them so many greeting cards.
Although out of school, Eileen actively attended all of her alumni meetings. Eileen’s niece had a close relationship with the principal of Port Richmond High School. It was through them that Eileen received her certificate. Eileen was surprised to see the certificate. The daughter presented the certificate as a surprise gift for her birthday. The birthday party was via Zoom Call because it was corona. ‘Could we give Mom even greater joy in these last days… ‘ Maureen says of her high school diploma.


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