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‘You are a blot on the name of Islam, Allah will burn you in Hell’: Radical Islamists attack Lok Sabha MP Nusrat Jahan for attending Durga Puja

Radical Islamists has launched cyber attack against Bengali actress and Lok Sabha member Nusrat Jahan. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader was attacked by the radical Islamists for attending Durga Puja.

Earlier on yesterday, Jahan with her husband has attended a Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata. The video of her playing the dhaak, dancing and folding hands before Goddess Durga was shared on social media. This has ignited the wrath of radicals.

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“You should feel ashamed, Nusrat Jahan. You need to respect our religion. None is stopping you from celebrating but you are worshipping idols. Shame on you. You are a blot on the name of Muslims. I will suggest you read our Hadiths”, one has commented.

“She will do anything for fame. Dancing and singing is her trade. If someone is expanding on such immoral business, then, there is nothing bad in it”, said another.

“Muslim name kolonko (You are a blot on the name of Islam)”, said one. “Sirk Kari Mohila (Sinful woman)”, another netizen abused the leader.

“Allah will burn this woman in Hell”, claimed one..” Another Instagram user named referred to her as ‘daughter of a wh*re’. “You are the descendant of Satan -Evil. Don’t you feel any shame for doing such dirty things? ”, said another.

Earlier, Radical Islamists had abused Nusrat Jahan for dressing up as Goddess Durga . Last year, a cleric from the Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh had slammed Jahan saying that a Muslim should not offer prayers to any God other than Allah.


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