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Watch this woman frying food with her hands in boiling oil…

We may have seen the technique of dipping one’s hand in boiling oil and raising one’s hand without a burn. Such a video is now going viral.

The video of a woman frying a dish like bajji in boiling oil has been picked up on social media. They are street vendors who use their hands to dip the baji in boiling oil and transfer it to a bowl during cooking. They do not wear anything like gloves on their hands.

The video shows a dish like baji mixed with flour being dipped in oil by hand and inverted without any emotion. The video also shows people standing around looking in amazement. The video was posted on the Twitter account First We Feats.

Many people have liked and commented on the video. More than 23,000 people have watched the video. Someone commented that the flour wrapped around the finger would cause the hand to be hollow. Someone else said it might be some secret ingredient.

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