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First edition of Pokemon cards worth $375,000 turns out to be fake….

American investor Chris Camillo developed an interest in Pokémon trading cards after he saw the market for the cards rocket last year.

For Camillo the bidding deal was an opportunity for a long-term profit and previous purchases by celebrities such as Logan Paul and rapper Logic, who according to the news website paid $226,000 for a single “Charizard” card, only encouraged him to go for the deal.

On opening the sealed box, the YouTuber was stunned to find that the Pokémon cards were counterfeit. Fortunately, the money was yet to be paid and was sealed in a silver briefcase full of $100 bills during the live broadcast.

Watch the video here:

The box, which was to be filled with the first edition cards, was full of damaged and worthless sets. “Ooh, the colour’s different on that one and that one,” says one of Camillo’s associates in the video, which was shared by @JBTheCryptoKing. “That one’s not a first edition pack,” said another.

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