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This car can transform into an airplane… Watch the ‘flying car’…..

In Slovakia, a vehicle has been developed that can transform itself from a car to an actual airplane within three minutes. It took its first test flight recently where it flew 1500 feet in the air. It was posted on YouTube by the Slovak company called Klein Vision.

A futuristic-looking white car is seen driving down the runway. After some time, it comes to a halt where its wings start to come out from the vehicle. Then, it takes off and soars into the air.

Watch video:

This invention was an invention of a professor named Stefan Klein. Developing such a vehicle has its own challenges. Making a car that should be lighter than usual was the task at hand for Klein and his team. For obvious reasons, the car is a two-seater and weighs about 2425 pounds (1099 kg) and can carry around 440 pounds (200kg) of additional load. “Very impressive. Finally, a practical flying car that is beautiful. Congratulations Professor Klein and team,” one user said. “So the meme, ‘in the future, we’ll have flying cars’, is dead,” another user joked.


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