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A blanket is essential for a good night’s sleep; Watch this baby rhino sleeping….

Video footage on social media plays an important role in making our every day happier. It’s important to have a variety of animal videos. The video that is getting the most attention right now is of a baby rhinoceros.

Sheldrick Wildlife is a Kenya-based wildlife conservation and rehabilitation trust. Two days ago, they posted a video on their Twitter page. The video shows an orphaned little rhino sleeping with its head covered with a blanket.

The rhino, named Apollo, was rescued by the trust a year ago. From then on, he would cover his head with a blanket whenever he slept. In the 16-second video, he covers his head with a shed blanket and sleeps soundly. The video garnered millions of views and likes as soon as it was posted. Many people expressed their love for Apollo through comments.

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