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A traveler attempts to cook chicken in a hot spring in a world-famous National Park….

Tourists who try to cook chicken in the hot springs of the world-famous Yellowstone National Park are barred from entering the park. The action is for two years. He was from Idaho. After some locals noticed, the rangers found two chickens in a sack in one of the hot springs. There was an art nearby. The other two were with him.

He is also accused of visiting a place where pedestrians and visitors are barred from entering. A fine of $600 was imposed for each offense. This is not the first time visitors have tried to cook in the park’s hot springs. In 2001, a prominent Seattle television star dug a hole near a fountain for his show and made a chicken dish. His aim was to show the world how natural heat can be used for culinary purposes.

He was later fined $150 by the government and given a two year probation period for obstructing mineral deposits in a national park. The hot springs in Yellowstone National Park are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. That is why the government has banned cooking in hot springs for the safety of the people.

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