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Rare and beautiful Albino Krait snake spotted in Chhattisgarh….

The people of northern Chhattisgarh were shocked when they saw a rare krait snake. The serpent was completely white in colour. A snake catcher was called to rescue the reptile from Jainagar village.

Snake catcher Satyam Kumar Dwivedi visited the area to rescue the reptile. Dwivedi had to go inside a well to rescue the snake. Kraits, known as chitti saanp in the village, are not usually found in Chhattisgarh. The rare snake had white colour due to a condition called albinism. Dwivedi has reportedly rescued 300 snakes.

Common kraits are usually identified by their black and light-coloured crossbands and their triangular body cross-section. They are a highly venomous relative of the cobra. All kraits are nocturnal. They are not very aggressive even when provoked. Instead, they are timid and often hide their heads within their coiled bodies for protection.


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