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‘Unbiased’ ; Read “The Life Story” Of New President Joe Biden !!!

We all know Joe Biden as the politician, the vice president, the rival of Donald Trump. But not enough people know Joe Biden as a human. This is the unbiased and apolitical story of Biden, who once thought about committing suicide!!!

The man you see today, fighting to lead one of the most powerful countries in the world had been through the lowest of lows. Joe began his career in law but quickly turned to politics and in 1972 he became the 5th youngest senator in history. But sadly his celebrations did not last long. Just one month later, he had to go through the biggest tragedies.

His family was out for Christmas shopping when a tractor crashed into them.”Wife of newly elected senator Joe Biden and their baby daughter were killed in a matter of minutes”.Joe Biden went from having everything to losing what mattered the most. He became the single dad who had to take care of his 2 seriously injured young sons. All while he was sworn into the US Senate, in the same hospital room where his sons were recovering. It was at this lowest point when Joe thought about ending his life. But realizing what it would do to his kids if they lost both their mother and father, he knew he had to fight and stay alive.

Joe famously rode the train back home from his office every night for 4 hours, so he could read his sons’ bedtime stories and have breakfast with them every morning, earning him the nickname “Amtrak Joe“.To add more life tragedies during his vice presidency his son Beau who was only 46 lost his life to brain cancer!!!

How did he deal with all of his tragedy?

He said that he truly believes in the phrase,” Faith sees best in the dark“.The loss of his son gave him a stronger sense of purpose, he simply wanted to make ‘Beau’ proud.  Despite the severe losses he went through in life Joe learned to never give up because he realized that his wife, his daughter, and his son, were all still a part of him. He said, “Family was the beginning, the middle and the end”.

As Obama said, “To know Joe Biden is to know love without pretense, service without self-regard and to live life fully”.


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