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A sick swan was saved after 23-mile travel by foot, car and metro train…..

It was a matter of life or death for the female swan, which was found by a good Samaritan, who carried the 17-pound bird from Queens to an Upper West Side animal clinic. It was a 23-mile trek with a bike, car and train. The swan, nicknamed Bae, was found in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Cordova-Rojas was at the refuge for a bike and hike when she noticed the lone adult swan, which could barely move. “I just couldn’t leave her there,” she told. “I approached really slowly with my jacket to throw over (its) body and head.” “You cannot simply walk up to a swan and expect them to be OK,” Cordova-Rojas told WNBC. “They’re going to try to bite, they’re going to try to make some wing motion to get you away from them, but she didn’t do that.”

“Well, I’m carrying a swan,” Cordova-Rojas told. “I have no idea what to do. I guess I’m just going to walk.” That’s when she ran into Brooklyn resident Josh Spector, who was also at the refuge.  “Is this actually her pet and she’s walking it through here?”. He added that he and a friend had considered shrugging off the scene “as another crazy New York thing, but decided not to.”

“I knew exactly where to go, but it was the how to get there which was a big problem since I came on my bicycle,” she told. Some drivers stopped to give Cordova-Rojas and the bird a lift to the subway station, WABC reported. Cordova-Rojas and the swan were in one car, while her bike was in the other. “Meanwhile, there’s a few people on the train and nobody seems to be fazed”. One man, she said, was “sitting right in front of me and he’s just on his phone. I don’t even know if he noticed there was a swan in front of him.”

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