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Porsche drives over wall and lands on a SUV…”Worst parking fail ever!”….

A Porsche driver accidentally crashed over a wall and landed on another car while trying to park their vehicle. The disastrous parking fail which was captured on CCTV.

The driver of the Porsche appears to have accidentally accelerated the vehicle. It is believed that the Porsche Taycan model was brand new. In the video, the Porsche driver is seen slowly steering the vehicle up a driveway. He stops for a brief moment before suddenly accelerating forward and hitting a parked car which spins.

The Porsche continues to drive over a wall and landing on top of a parked SUV. It finally comes to a halt between the wall and the parked SUV. As soon as the neighbours heard a “loud crashing noise”, they rushed outside to see what happened.

He said, “I heard it happen, it was a loud crashing noise. He was pretty shaken up. He had a few bumps and bruises, but he was ok. He seemed like a really nice, genuine guy and he’d just smashed up his new Porsche.” The driver had to come out from the passenger side after the crash. A recovery truck was called to tow away the car.

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